Hello again!! I just got a new laptop, so I can finally blog without everything taking 5 minutes to load!! Lol. I know this is late if you wanted it for Christmas gifts this year, but these will also be great gifts for birthdays or other occasions. This year for Christmas, I made a ‘catalog’ so my family could order what they wanted. Here is the link to that if you want to see more pictures of everything:

Copy of Wasa Christmas Catalog

I will put everything into sections by what you need to make it with: Cricut, Yarn, Painting/Drawing. The things in the ‘catalog’ are mainly Cricut things.


Water Bottles/Mugs/Cups

These are very easy to make! Just cut out the design on vinyl and stick it on!


I know it is hard to see in this pic, but it says ‘Best Brother Ever’ on it.

These are also easy. I used wooden blocks and glued them together. Then, I ‘stained’ them with washable marker and water. Then I added the vinyl. I also cut out a piece of matching fabric and glued it to the back with mod podge.


These are easy, too! You can make the candles or buy them and add a label with sticker paper or vinyl.


I bought the clear bookmarks from Amazon then added the vinyl.


Cut out a design on HTV (Heat transfer vinyl) and iron it on. This was a little trickier getting the vinyl to stay down.

Yarn (I don’t have pics of these)

Crochet & Knitting:


Cup Sleeves



A painting of your pet

Sorry the pic isn’t the best. But this is a really cute idea if you have a pet!

Paint/draw a Christmas tree


Mint Meltaways

These are SO delicious! They taste very similar to Fanny May Mint Meltaways.


Puppy approved! 


Thanks for reading this post! I hope you can use these ideas to make your own gifts!!